Sky Sports Kodi Streamer Made Example of With £16k Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Sky subscriber who streamed his precious sporting stuff to a wider audience via the internet and those hot potato Kodi boxes has been hit with a large fine for doing so, with the high court asking him to pay Sky around £16,000 by way of an apology for rebroadcasting its live streams.

Bristol resident Yusuf Mohammed was also ordered to give up details of people he colluded with in offering the streams via an unnamed "piracy blog," plus he's to provide information about any money he made by serving advertising around the edges of his illegally re-streamed subscription content.

That £16,000 fine could grow, too, as the case allows for Sky to make a further claim for damages to be paid, streaming yet more money from Mohammed's bank account. [Torrentfreak]

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