Sky's Buy & Keep Has Added Blu-rays and Digital Downloads

By Tom Pritchard on at

A while back Sky launched something called 'Buy & Keep' which basically meant that if you purchased a digital copy of a film you could also get a DVD sent to you in the post. Which was a nice idea, since DVDs don't always come with digital copies, and means you can enjoy both without having to rip the disc.

Buy and Keep just got an update, throwing Blu-rays and stand-alone digital downloads into the mix. A digital download alone will cost £10, a download plus DVD costs £14, and a download plus Blu-ray costs £17. It seems a bit pointless if you ask me.

The download sections works by letting you stream or download the film to your device, via Sky's own media player. That's available on certain newer Sky boxes (including SkyQ and Now TV), Windows, Mac, Linux, Roku, Android, and iOS. That's all fine. No different to a lot of other digital stores.

The way it's been done seems a bit strange, though. Not including a disc is basically the same as buying from Sky's store, which makes me wonder why that's a new feature. Shouldn't that be there from the beginning? The Blu-ray option is even weirder, since pretty much every new Blu-ray comes with a free digital copy. You redeem a code, pick a service to get the movie from, and you have a digital copy you can stream or download for offline viewing - which is basically the same as what Sky's doing here.

The difference being it's not a flat price, and it doesn't matter who you buy that Blu-ray from. Whether it costs £10 or £20, you get a digital copy thrown in. The only bonus of doing it Sky's way is that you don't have to wait for the disc to arrive before you can watch it. In most cases films get released digitally a few weeks ahead of the physical discs, so it's only a major advantage with the big blockbusters.

Maybe that's enough for some people, but how many of you disc-buyers would wait a little while longer to save a few quid? And how many of you would say "sod it!" and obtain the film illegally? Actually don't answer that, Theresa May might be watching.

If that still interests you everything is available through the Sky Store, and you don't have to be a Sky TV customer to give them all your money.

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