Some Students Held A Rave At Greggs

By James O Malley on at

Ahh students. It turns out that for all of the talk about today's young people being a generation of squares, they can still act like dickheads if they like.

On the 28th September, Birmingham student Nikki Gardner posted on the Greggs (as in, the bakers) Facebook page asking if she can hold a party in their shop, to celebrate getting back to university with her friends. Perhaps surprisingly, the Greggs PR team - sniffing a chance for some free press coverage - decided to grant Nikki her wish. (Congrats guys, it worked.)

The 41 High Street branch of Greggs in the city was transformed into the "Ministry of Greggs", complete with sound system, DJs from the university's DJing society, and inflatable food. So the students could have the most ironic fun since the Chuckle Brothers played a DJ set at their Students' Union.

Here's some photos from the night:

11 people who will never be able to afford a house.

The press release didn't have this guy's name on it, so this photo won't show up when his future employers Google him.

It's going to be weird when he becomes a Tory cabinet minister in a couple of decades.

It's weird to think these kids probably can't even remember a world before Greggs had a social media presence.

Apparently Nikki is an International Relations student. So here's hoping she writes her dissertation on the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention.