Someone Dropped Their Heathrow Security Blueprint USB Stick

By Gary Cutlack on at

A USB stick containing a stash of security information for Heathrow Airport has apparently been found in the street, which would suggest that Mr Bean has been planning some sort of terrorist atrocity.

76 folders of material were on the stick it was given by a member of the public, said the Sunday Mirror, which included such classified delights as the route the Queen takes to the airport when popping off to rub noses with the people of the colonies, plus routes used by cabinet ministers and timetables detailing when anti-terror patrols take place.

The locations of CCTV cameras around the airport were also on the stick, they say, along with layouts of tunnels and shafts that staff use to access the Heathrow Express. One of the more exotic things on the stick of secrets was information about the ultrasound radar systems used to check the runways and perimeter fences, which is probably useful in some way if you're planning on doing something bad to an airport.

There's always the chance it was just a security man's homework, though, as no one from Heathrow has said whether the drive looked like it was filled as a result of theft or was just advanced evening reading material for a careless employee. [Sky News]

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