Sony is Taking the PSVR on Tour to Try and Add Them to Everyone's Christmas List

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last Christmas the PSVR was in very high demand, which took a lot of people by surprise for some reason. This year Sony is no doubt hoping that the situation is pretty similar, but just in case everyone had forgotten the PSVR is a thing it's taking the headset on a tour of the UK.

Ten locations are involved in the tour, starting on 25th October in Cardiff, giving people the chance to try the headset for themselves and decide whether they want to put one under the tree on Christmas morning. Or sooner, if you really can't wait until Christmas.

As you can see after Cardiff the tour will be going to Reading, Newcastle, Birmingham, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Manchester, London, Glasgow, and *deep breath* Nottingham. Apparently here will also be a setup in John Lewis on London's Oxford Street from 20th October until 31st January. You can see all that on Sony's events map of the UK.

The games are a bit limited, and anyone going to Cardiff will only be able to play Gran Turismo Sport. As the tour moves onto new locations, however, more games will be available to play including Superhot, Moss, Real Driving Simulator, and the decidedly non-VR FIFA 18. Clearly Sony wants to sell people PS4s as well, even if they don't grab the headset at the same time.

In addition to this, Sony will start adding Gran Turismo Sport to the £350 PSVR Bundle, which also includes Playstation VR Worlds, a headset, and a PS Camera. The new bundle arrives on 24th October (tomorrow), and you have until the end of the month if you want the free game.

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