Sphero Has Another Star Wars Droid, and This One is Evil R2-D2

By Tom Pritchard on at

Little over a month ago Sphero revealed two brand new droids for Force Friday, R2-D2 and evil BB-8 BB-9E. Plus some news about updates. Today it's announced that it will be selling a fourth droid, and it's basically evil R2-D2.

Officially he's called R2-Q5, and he's described as 'a skilled starship mechanic and intimidating Imperial spy'. As for what it can do, it looks like R2-Q5 will be able to do all the same stuff as the other Sphero droids. That means it can explore, play in virtual reality, watch the Star Wars films, and interact with any other Sphero droids it comes into contact with.

Plus, like R2-D2 it has an integrated speaker for proper sound effects, LEDs, and two different modes based on whether it's moving or not.

Sphero also used this opportunity co announce that it was updating the Sphero Edu app to support all four Star Wars droids, letting you interact with them on a deeper level and play with the code to reprogramme them. That app is available Android, Amazon Fire OS, iOS, and Chrome.

R2-Q5 is available to pre-order from 10th October, and will be released as a John Lewis exclusive on 27th October for princely sum of £200.

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