Star Trek: Discovery's Titular Ship Apparently Runs on Windows

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you watched the third episode of Star Trek: Discovery (which was released on Netflix on Monday) you'll probably remember the scene where Michael Burnham is tasked with reconciling two different sets of code for a super-top-secret special project. While Burnham claims the code is confusing because it deals with quantum astrophysics, biochemistry, and gene expression, but the reality is that it's far, far simpler.

One of the commenters over at The Verge also pointed out that this isn't just any code either. It's actually the decompiled code of the Stuxnet virus that was used to attack Iran's nuclear programme, and was first identified back in 2010. I can't imagine such a thing would be particularly good for the warp drive.

Unless there's some beyond-top-secret even more super-special plan to use Stuxnet to take out Klingon ships, it seems as though the Discovery team just found some random open-source code and hoped nobody would notice. My how they were wrong. It's like they didn't even consider the fact that Trekkies tend to be huge nerds that dissect every little thing they see on screen. [The Verge]

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