Surprise! Trademark Filings Hint a Game Boy Classic Might be On the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

Given the insane popularity of the NES and SNES Classics, people have been thinking about the future. Nintendo is bound to create more miniature consoles, and people have been getting their hopes up for a revamped N64 or Game Boy. Well it seems like there's good news, because trademark filings hint that a Game Boy Classic is on the way.

According to, the filing was originally made public when a Japanese trademark bot posted it on 15th September. It's for "the first Game Boy", which first went on sale in 1989. It is fairly broad, though, covering things like "home video game console" software, "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases", and "smartphone covers". Also some less gaming-specific applications like "key holders", "watches", and "necklaces".

It's no guarantee that we'll get a proper miniature re-release of the Game Boy, since this could easily cover a bunch of other possible products (like an in-house equivalent of Hyperkin's Smartboy). It does make sense that it would be on someone's mind, though, right? A miniature N64 is almost guaranteed at some point (especially since Nintendo has filed a new European trademark for the controller), but Nintendo is a business that likes making money and given how popular the original Game Boy was it's a no-brainer.

The Game Boy did come out before the N64 after all, though it also came out before the SNES so the 'timeline' logic isn't the strongest argument you could make.

It'll be quite a while before we find out for sure, but for now it's nice to see fans' hope isn't entirely pointless. [ via TechRadar]