Surrey's Just Been Named Spider Capital of the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you're scared of spiders you probably already know a bunch of ways to keep yourself away from the eight-legged menaces that routinely invade your home. Now, if you can, there's another way to do it: make sure you don't live in Surrey. With over 417 spider species living there, the south-eastern county has been named spider capital of the UK.

As if the overpriced pints weren't bad enough.

Each Autumn Surrey seems to provide the perfect conditions for the 417 species, which invades fields, homes, and grassy areas across the county. That's roughly 60 per cent of the arachnid species living in the UK. Some of them have declined to the point where Surrey is the only county they live in, which experts say is thanks to the abundance of grasslands, moors, and heaths

Some of them are venomous, and others can reportedly grow to the size of mice. It's the kind of stuff that would make a grown man scream and run away for the vacuum cleaner. Luckily very few of the spiders are harmful to humans, and those that are a typically only a threat to people with allergies.

Experts have already warned us that the hot summer has led to perfect conditions for spiders to thrive in, and autumn is the time of year when all the males go searching for a female to shack up with. So you should expect to see a lot more of them inside as the temperatures cool down.

Oh and funny coincidence: Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the MCU, is from Kingston-upon-Thames, which isquite close to Surrey. Andrew Garfield, the Spider-Man before Holland, was also apparently raised in Surrey.

Fucking Surrey and its spiders. [Metro]

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