Sweden Has Officially Named a Train Trainy McTrainFace

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Boaty McBoatFace joke stopped being funny the second people started naming things after the (in)famous online poll. But people can never let stuff go, and every time the public has been given the option of naming something Xy McXFace has always been there. Those suggestions are usually ignored, but in Sweden someone caved - meaning Trainy McTrainface is a real thing.

The train, which is an express train on the Stockholm-Gothenburg line, went into service from Tuesday, with the name referencing the meme that should have died a very long time ago. The name itself came from a public competition launched by MTR Express earlier this year, with Trainy McTrainFace emerging as the clear winner. The company promised that it would use the name, and wasn't going to chicken out and end up naming it David Attrainborough.

And so the train got its name in a special ceremony on Tuesday, alongside other trains named Ingvar (after TV host Ingvar Oldsberg), Estelle (after the Swedish princess), and Glenn which seems to be some sort of running joke in Sweden referencing the large number of Glenns on the 1980s IFK Göteborg football team, which won the UEFA Cup twice.

So internet, something got named Xy McXFace. Can we give that joke a rest now? It was funny with the boat, but now it's worse than the Harlem Shake. [TheLocal.se]

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