TalkTalk is Jumping the Gun on Black Friday With £25 a Month Fibre

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday has been happening in this country for at least seven years, if I remember correctly, gaining more and more momentum with each passing November. While many retailers and companies are already gearing up for one of the year's biggest sales, TalkTalk has jumped the gun by over a month.

The internet provider has slashed prices for its broadband and fibre plans, with the latter costing you an insane £25 a month (including line rental). That plan, which offers speeds up to 38MBps, normally costs £33.50 a month, plus a set-up fee of £60. But now you get a discount, a free router, free set-up, and because this is an 18 month contract it locks in this price for the next year and a half.

If you're happy with regular broadband, you can get a 17MBps plan for £19.95 a month (down from £27). That's also an 18 month contract, with the same free router and free set-up.

These deals are only available until 2nd November (not Black Friday, for some reason) from the TalkTalk website. [Pocket Lint]

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