Tech Companies Have Spoken Out Against Using Kodi as a Piracy Scapegoat

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days Kodi, and Kodi Box are almost synonymous with streaming-based piracy - given how widespread the use of so-called Kodi boxes are. But Kodi isn't designed for piracy in mind, and the developers have done everything they can to avoid association with unscrupulous third-party add-ons. But one industry group is warning against using the open-source media player as a scapegoat.

In the US the MPAA has warned about what are known as Kodi boxes, saying “an emerging global threat is streaming piracy which is enabled by piracy devices preloaded with software to illicitly stream movies and television programming and a burgeoning ecosystem of infringing add-ons."

Meanwhile the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), whose members includes the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix has warned the US Government’s Trade Representative (USTR) that it shouldn't blame Kodi for the actions of others. Basically it's saying that the problem isn't open source media players.

“Another example of commenters raising concerns about generalised technology is the MPAA’s characterisation of customisation, open-source set-top boxes utilising the Kodi multimedia player application along with websites that allegedly ‘enable one-click installation of modified software onto set-top boxes or other internet-connected devices'."

While the MPAA has noted that Kodi isn't unlawful, the CIAA stresses that law enforcement efforts should be focused on people actually breaking the law. Like the people selling boxes pre-configured to aid piracy. Basically its argument boils down to the fact that just because something can be used for piracy doesn't mean it should be outlawed or persecuted. The same goes for the hardware side of things, with Android-powered set-top boxes being the primary outlet for Kodi-based piracy.

You can read the CIAA's full letter here. [TorrentFreak]

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