Tesco is Selling Candy Cane-Flavoured Crisps, and I'm Not Sure if That's Delicious or Disgusting

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well it's the start of October, and that means all the supermarkets and retail outlets are getting into the festive spirit. With that festive spirit comes some really quite baffling choices. Like these new candy-cane flavoured crisps from Tesco. I don't know whether I want to wolf down a packet to curb my sweet tooth, or projectile vomit in anticipation.

I mean, who wouldn't want a bag of crisps that tastes like they've just brushed their teeth? Someone pass me the orange juice would you?

This could be some sort of elaborate prank, though one that's gone too far since these are already on sale. A 150 gram bag is £1, which seems ludicrous since for £1.50 you can get a 300 gram bag of cheese balls.

Bring back the hog roast and the pigs in blanket flavoured ones, is what I say. Those were alright, if a bit salty. []

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