TfL is Trialling a New System That Lets You Find a Quieter Carriage

By Tom Pritchard on at

Part of the London experience is getting into an overcrowded tube carriage uncomfortably close to someone else, with someone's backpack pushing into your ribs. Well you probably won't have to guess which carriage might have fewer people inside, because TfL is trialling a new system that tells you how busy carriages are in upcoming trains.

As of today passengers on certain London Overground routes will be able to look at a display and see how congested carriages are ahead of time. It's similar to a system that launched on Thameslink's Siemens Class 700 trains last year.

As you can see in the image above, the display shows you the next three trains and uses a red/yellow/green light system to show you just how busy the carriages are. That way you can plan ahead, and stand in the right spot on the platform. [Metro]

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