That Didn't Take Long: The Pirate Bay's .se Domain is Back Again

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week it was revealed that The Pirate Bay's infamous Swedish domain would die. The expiring domain had reportedly been locked by the Swedish supreme court meaning the site couldn't update or renew it for future use. Maybe that news was premature, because as of today the once-deactivated domain was back in business.

TorrentFreak did some investigating and found that the domain was reactivated yesterday, with its registration updated until next October. So the domain will be active for a little while longer, doing what it does best and redirecting visitors to The Pirate bay's current home (a .org domain).

TorrentFreak has been speculating about the development, and why it came back after being locked and allowed to expire. It's suggests that this may have been done on behalf of the Swedish Court of Appeals based on a currently pending case. Backstory time!

Back in 2013 a Swedish anti piracy group filed a motion asking that be seized, and after a lengthy legal battle the Swedish Supreme Court rules that it should be confiscated by the state. The case is till pending, however, and the domain's forfeiture has yet to actually take place. This is why the Pirate Bay owners couldn't change the details, leading to the initial expiration.

But, because the forfeiture hasn't taken place yet it would mean that the domain would have to be made available to the public. That means someone else could buy it, and seeing as how that isn't supposed to happen its a reasonable chance that this is why the domain is now back in business.

The Pirate Bay itself never actually went anywhere, but those pirates out there who had the Swedish domain bookmarked (and hadn't had chance to update it yet) should be happy to hear this news. Just remember, kids, piracy is bad and we do not condone that behaviour. [TorrentFreak]

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