The 'Bacon Toaster' is the Latest Pointless Kitchen Gadget

By Tom Pritchard on at

It seems as though making random, product-specific gadgets for the kitchen is big business. Which probably explains why someone thought it was a good idea to create the 'Bacon Toaster'. Because there's no other way of cooking bacon, obviously.

I actually got a press release about this arriving in the UK a few weeks ago, but I ignored it because it was dumb. Now, though, the British press has discovered its existence and I can't ignore this stupid overpriced tat any longer.

And when I say overpriced I mean it. It's £50, and all it does it cook bacon. You hang strips of bacon on both sides of the thing, close it up, and let it cook. Apparently it's healthier to cook it this way (presumably because the fat drips down), is easy to clean, and ensures the bacon stays crispy. Now if only here were another device that could do all those things, for a lower price?

Oh right:

And before anyone starts having a go at me for promoting a specific brand or product, there are countless rip-offs of the 'fat-reducing grilling machine' that you can probably find in your nearest supermarket. Whichever brand you get, there are a three key reasons why they're better than the bacon toaster.

  1. They're cheaper
  2. They can cook things that aren't bacon.
  3. If you spend £55 you can get one with removable plates that's even easier to clean. That's just £5 more than the bacon toaster.

Or, you know, you can skip that purchase entirely and use a goddamn oven or a frying pan.

You don't need the bacon toaster, and you definitely don't need to spend £50 on one. Don't be an idiot.

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