The BBC is Cancelling Crimewatch After 33 Years

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's the end of an era of sorts, because the BBC has announced it will be cancelled the long-running Crimewatch due to a decline in viewing figures. Instead the BBC will be producing two series of Crimewatch Roadshow each year, which goes on tour like a vigilante-investigative version of Antiques Roadshow.

It also means Jeremy Vine is losing one of his many jobs, though I assume his radio show will carry on uninterrupted.

A spokesperson said:

"We believe the successful Crimewatch Roadshow format in daytime is the best fit for the brand going forward and we will increase the number of episodes to make two series a year. We are incredibly proud of Crimewatch and the great work it has done over the years and the work Crimewatch Roadshow will continue to do, and this move will also allow us to create room for new innovative programmes in peak time on BBC One.”

For years Crimewatch has helped police make public appeals, and is famous for reconstructing the crimes on screen. The series has been credited for helping identify suspects in high profile cases, including the murders of James Bulgar, Sarah Payne, and Rhys Jones.

But that is the way with television, and if nobody is watching then its effectiveness is seriously diminished.

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