The Equifax Data Hack Affected Nearly 700,000 UK Customers

By Tom Pritchard on at

You might have heard of the ongoing dram surrounding Equifax, the US-based credit firm that was hit hard by hackers earlier this year. That kickstarted an absolute shitshow of events that impacted millions of people who had their personal data expose. Now it's been revealed that 694,000 of the customers hit are based in the UK.

Last month Equifax's initial estimate was that around 400,000 UK customers were affected by the hack, but has now admitted that an extra 294,000 people had their data stolen between May and July of this year.

Apparently the company will be writing to the affected customers, offering to help. Now that independent investigations into the hack are over, Equifax says it's able to offer free advice, and ways customers can protect themselves from identity theft.

In total 14 million European records were stolen in the breach, but the only information contained in them are names and date of births. That information can be exploited by the right people, but in the grand scheme of things it's nowhere near as big a problem.

Last month the company denied that any of the stolen UK data included any addresses, passwords, of financial information, though that is no longer the case. There are four separate groups of affected individuals that have been identified so far. 637,000 people had phone numbers stolen, 29,000 had driving licenses stole, 15,000 had Equifax membership details stole (including usernames, secret questions, partial credit card details, and passwords), and 12,000 who had their email addresses stolen.

Any UK customers looking for advice can phone Equifax on 0800 587 1584. [BBC News]

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