The Pirate Bay's Infamous .se Domain Has Expired, and Will be Deactivated Tomorrow

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it first came into fruition all those years ago, The Pirate Bay had a .org domain name. 15 years later and the site has burned its way through dozens of domains as it fought a game of whack-a-mole with rights holders attempting to have the site shut down. One of the most famous, and long-lasting domains was, though now that era is coming to an end. expired last week, has been locked by the Swedish Supreme Court after being confiscated and forfeited to the Swedish government in May. Essentially this means that the people running The Pirate Bay can't renew or update the domain. It also means that it can't be purchased by anyone else.

The Pirate Bay originally settled on a .se domain name in 2012, after a string of site closures that had the team worry they would be next. Apparently they felt a US-hosted .org domain was too risky, and a Swedish domain was a safer alternative. The following year local anti-piracy groups attempted to seize control of and, leading the infamous site to switch back and forth between the two. This meant it was safer than a lot of other domains, which were seized and closed without any sort of notice.

Now, though, that chunk of The Pirate Bay's history is coming to an end. Despite the fears is still going strong, while is doomed to fade into obscurity. [TorrentFreak]

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