There's a New PSVR Headset Coming, But the Updates are Minor

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been nearly a year since the PSVR first hit shop shelves, and Sony is marking that occasion (intentionally or not) with a slightly updated version of the headset. After all if HTC can release a Vive with minor upgrades, why can't Sony?

The downside is that the updates are not particularly major, and it's not going to be worth buying if you already have a PSVR. Still, if you don't, it does make it that little bit more appealing.

The first point of note is that the headphones are now built into the headset itself, rather than connecting to a remote that hangs halfway down your person. It's not clear how easy these are to replace, however, and we probably won't find out until it actually hits shop shelves.

Also coming along is a thinner connection cable, and an updated processor unit that's capable of handling HDR content. Ever since the HDR update landed on the PS4, PSVR users have had to manually disconnect their headsets to be able to take advantage of the improved picture. Unfortunately existing PSVR owners won't be able to use the new processor with their old headset, since the connections are different. Games won't be changing, so if you do choose to upgrade you'll find all the stuff you bought will work as normal.

The new unit, officially labelled CUH - ZVR2, will go on sale in Japan on October 14th bundled with the PlayStation Camera. It hasn't revealed details of a wider release, but it has promised that prices will be staying the same. RRP is currently £350 for the headset, and another £35-£40 for the camera.

That is a very minor update, which is a shame for anyone hoping for an increase in resolution (it still falls behind the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). Still it shows that Sony is still more than willing to support the headset. Though that shouldn't be a surprise. Despite naysayers pointing out VR adoption is still quite low, Sony admitted the headset is doing better than they expected. [The Verge]

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