This Anime-Style Game of Thrones Opening Is Eerily Perfect

By James Whitbrook on at

Game of Thrones’ vast popularity has led to countless re-imaginings of the series—from ‘60s drama, to cheesy '90s sitcom, and much more. But in all honesty, deep within the heart of Game of Thrones is a really good, bat-shit insane three-season anime series, and this fan-made opening proves it.

YouTuber Malec’s hilariously over-the-top video isn’t just a love letter to Game of Thrones, it’s a greatest hits collection of every anime opening trope around, just through a Westerosi lens. Meaningless English interspersed into catchy J-Rock? Check. Random shots of birds flying around? Check. Characters dramatically standing looking away from each other in a wind-strewn field? Check, check, and check.

But as tongue in cheek as this is, tell me you wouldn’t watch anime Brienne of Tarth slicing through hordes of White Walkers like she was Goemon from Lupin the Third. Because I will happily call you a liar if you respond in the negative. [Uproxx]

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