This Bristol Minibus is Actually a £220-a-Month 'Flat'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Bristol is apparently in the middle of a serious housing shortage, to the point where people have started exploiting legal loopholes and moving into their vans. One landlord seems to be taking advantage of that, by offering this £220-a-month 'flat' which looks an awful lot like a school minibus.

The advert seems to have been taken down, on account that I can't find it anymore, but it apparently came with all the necessary things required for "winter living". That includes a fire burner, cooker, oven, sink, tap, double bed, and table. No word on whether it has toilet and shower facilities, though I somehow doubt it.

According to the Bristol Post, a legal loophole means that police and council officials can't force vans to move on - provided they're appropriately taxed and have a valid MOT. Caravans are a different story and can be served notice, but vans can stay put. Bristol council is apparently aware of the growing trend, but admits there isn't much it can do.

The furniture is clearly a bit hastily put together, but the van doesn't look that bad. It's not the kind of thing I'd want to actually live in though, especially not in winter. It's the kind of thing you'd take to the Lake District on holiday, and park in a campsite that has its own bathroom facilities. [Bristol Post via The Mirror]

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