Thousands of People Have Signed a Petition Asking for Fireworks Displays to be Banned

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're at that time of year where it becomes a quite difficult to identify that explosive bang coming from down the street. Was it a gun, or simple fireworks? You never can tell. Well if some people get their way it might be a little different in future, because one petition is asking public fireworks displays be banned.

At the time of writing more than 2,500 people have signed a petition calling for the ban, because fireworks can "cause alarm, distress and anxiety to many people and animals." It calls on the Secretary of State to "make appropriate provision to secure that the risk of public use is the MINIMUM that is compatible with fireworks being used, as stated in Fireworks Act 2003 sect 2."

It's not clear how this would affect individual use, or if it just focuses on those big displays that take place in parks around the country. Either way, it's not going to go down well with the people who love shooting off fireworks every single day in the month running up to (and following) 5th November.

Metro notes that a similar petition was launched last year, and ended up with 168,160 signatures by the time it ended. Nothing happened obviously, but if this new petition gets 10,000 signatures it'll get a parliamentary response. If it gets 100,000, parliament are required to debate the issue.

Unfortunately anyone hoping for a change, last year's debate was almost immediately shot down in parliament, with then business minister Jo Johnson claiming the laws are perfectly fine the way they are. [Metro]