Uber's Boss Said Sorry to London for Ban

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small glimpse into what was said at the Uber/TfL power meeting this week has been given to us by mayor Sadiq Khan, who seems to have lowered his DEFCON level a couple of notches when it comes to dealing with the taxi company.

Speaking to radio station LBC, Khan seems to be giving off a conciliatory tone, thanks to Uber's boss Dara Khosrowshahi apparently owning up to being a bit rubbish and saying sorry. Khan said of the meeting between Khosrowshahi and TfL: "What gives me confidence about the TfL decision is the fact that the global chief executive officer for Uber apologised to London. I think that bodes well in relation to the humility which hasn’t been shown by Uber London or Uber UK."

So they're bordering on being friends again and maybe Uber's going to get to stay in London for longer than the duration of the legal appeals process. [Reuters]

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