Uber's UK Boss Just Quit, but the London Ban Apparently isn't to Blame

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment in this long-running saga of Uber not being allowed to have a licence in London. Jo Bertram, who was in charge of Uber in the UK, Ireland, and other northern European countries, has just resigned.

This announcement comes 10 days after TfL told Uber its licence wasn't being renewed - effectively banning it from operating within the capital. Bertram has been working at the company for four years,and told staff that she was leaving to "move on to something new and exciting". Apparently her departure has nothing to do with the current situation in London.

Internal email to Uber staff also included the following statement:

"While I would like to have announced my move in smoother circumstances, I’m proud of the team we’ve built here and am very confident in their abilities to lead the business into the next chapter. I’ll work with you in the coming weeks on the best possible transition."

Bertram has not revealed where she is going to work next, but Uber's London boss Tom Elvidge will take on the role of UK general manager on an interim basis. [The Telegraph]

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