Watch This Electric Porsche Speed Around The Nürburgring And Marvel at Modern Engineering

By Dave Meikleham on at

Attention, all Prius fans. If you don't want to ruin your car for yourself, it's probably best you don't watch the following video, lest you be bitten by a certain green-eyed abomination.

Alright, don't say I didn't warn you. Get ready for footage of a seriously sexy electric Porsche racing around the Nürburgring:

The stupendously nippy motor above is the Porsche Mission E: a cutting-edge car that's been in development for years. Work first started on the vehicle in 2015, and now those plans for a 2019 release look more concrete than ever.

Website Electrek spotted the above footage, which was first uploaded by a French car mag called L’Automobile Magazine.

I must admit, it's pretty darn cool seeing an electric car racing around Germany's legendary circuit. I'm all for speedy lap times that don't involve us further polluting this ravaged spinning rock we all live on. If I pass my driving test next month, and come into possessions of hundreds of thousands of pounds by 2019, perhaps my future stinking rich self will pick up a Mission E.

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