Whisky That's Been Maturing Since 1943 Goes on Sale

By Gary Cutlack on at

A whisky that's been sitting in a cask maturing away like mad for 70 years is about to go on sale, and as you might expect of a drink that's taken generations of care, it'll cost you quite a bit.

It'll cost around £30,000 a bottle, in fact, the price you pay for a drink stored away by bottlers Gordon and MacPhail when WWII was still raging and before there was much in the way of TV to drink it in front of. It was first "sampled" in 1967, then routinely checked a few times since. In 2013, they all agreed it was time to stop sampling it and bottle up what was left to sell. So now it's done and ready to be Wayne Rooney's Christmas present to himself.

The name of it, not that it matters to any of us? The Private Collection Glenlivet 1943, of which only 40 small-ish decanters will be heading to the ornate sideboards of the super rich. [BBC]

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