You'll Need AAAA Batteries to Power Google's Pixelbook Pen

By Tom Pritchard on at

On Tuesday Google announced the Pixelbook, alongside the Pixelbook Pen - its answer to Microsoft's Surface Pen and the Apple Pencil. But before you go and spend £99 on the stylus, and £1,000 on the Chromebook to go with it, be warned that it's battery needs aren't exactly conventional.

Like the Surface Pen, the Pixelbook Pen is powered by a AAAA battery. So if it dies, which is might do after an extended period of time, you'd not going to be able to plug it in and wait for it to recharge. You're going to have to open it up and replace it with a pretty obscure battery.

How obscure? Well the four biggest supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons) don't seem to stock them. Not online at least, since all four said there were no results asked me if I meant AAA. Waitrose thought I was talking about wine, so I guess that tells you everything you need to know about the people that shop there regularly.

Amazon sells them, though, but we're talking £2-£3 for a two pack, or just under £5 for four. So yeah, they're not the kind of things you'll be able to get dirt cheap.

The upside here is that should the battery die on you, there's no sitting around waiting for it to charge up. Provided you have some replacements lying around, you just need to pop out the battery and put in a new one. It's not quite as ideal as, say, plugging in a USB-C or micro-USB charger, but hey ho.

Google hasn't revealed how long each battery should last, however, though given the limited functions of the Pixelbook Pen I'd assume it isn't a big power hog. So hopefully it'll last ages, but we won't find out until the thing arrives. [Google via Ubergizmo]

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