4G Coverage Will Come to the London Underground in 2019

By Tom Pritchard on at

After years of having to quickly connect to the in-station Wi-Fi whenever your train pulls in, Transport for London has announced that full 4G coverage will be coming to the Underground rail system in 2019.

Plans to connect the Underground, one of London's most well-known 'not spots' have been in place for a while, but following a successful trial on the Waterloo & City line this Summer serious progress has been made on linking up the entire underground network.

The idea is that once the network is in place, people will be able to access their data as normal - regardless of the fact they're a few hundred feet under the ground.

Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three were all involved in the design of the trial, though only O2 and Vodafone actually did any testing within the tunnels - all of which took place outside regular customer hours. According to TfL the trail provided some valuable insight into how a 4G network could function across the Underground, with tests successfully making data calls between stations without dropping signal.

Unfortunately all the test equipment was removed, so the full network will need to lay out everything from scratch. Not that leaving it would have done any good, seeing as how travelling the entire Waterloo & City line only takes around three minutes

TfL has confirmed it will begin looking for a provider to set everything up in the New Year. Since that implies a single network will be in charge of the infrastructure, it's currently unclear how this will affect people who chose to go with different networks.

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