Alright Niantic IS Making a Harry Potter Game After All

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember when Pokémon Go came out, and all the people who liked franchises that weren't Pokémon decided they wanted a version of the game for the niche audience they belonged to? The loudest were probably the Harry Potter fans, who demanded a version of their own. Back in July a hoax story spread that it was happening, which Niantic quickly denied.

Now, though it turns out it's real after all. At least, that's what TechCrunch is reporting.

The AR game, called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is being made in conjunction with Warner Brothers Interactive and Portkey Games. It's set to be released next year, and is assumed to have the same sort of Ingress influence that Pokémon Go had. That's pretty much everything we have right now, though.

What could it involve? Who knows. Probably nothing quite like Pokémon's monster-collecting, but the raids could translate pretty well. Both of them could do with some actual PVP support, though. Needless to say the Potter fans are around in great numbers, and do have a reputation for being rather fanatical.

I mean, the Harry Potter studio tour in London was supposed to be temporary, but people just kept turning up and it became a permanent exhibition. The Potter fans may seem a bit crazy (or as my Potter-loving friend refers to them, a genuine embarrassment), but they are willing to support the things they love. There may not be as big a playerbase as Pokémon Go when it first started, but there are probably enough potential players to justify a brand new game just for them. [TechCrunch]