Amazon Parcels Could Soon Be Delivered By Bus

By James O Malley on at

What do you do when London's roads are clogged up with Amazon delivery vans? Umm, tell them to take the bus instead, it appears.

According to the Standard, David Brown, the Chief-Executive of bus company Go-Ahead has proposed that instead of using fleets of vans to get our stuff to us, Amazon should instead use Go-Ahead's bus depots, and even empty buses to carry parcels instead.

It isn't clear whether Go-Ahead has actually spoken to Amazon about it at all, but it is certainly a novel proposal to an increasing problem: As we've grown used to Priming even the most trivial of things, delivery traffic has rocketed - with one estimate that 60% of deliveries to central London offices are personal items.

Whether using buses as effectively massive vans would work though remains to be seen: Aggregating a dozen small vans into one massive bus sounds clever, but buses are only able to run on sufficiently wide roads in the capital, that have been especially adapted for bus use. If you live down a small street, with cars parked no either side, a van might be able to reach you but a bus certainly won't be able to.

So perhaps one day in the future you could be waiting or an Amazon delivery, only for two to come along at once.