Amazon's Alexa Now Has an Alcohol Tracker Thanks to Cancer Research UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

To mark cancer awareness week (aka this week), Cancer Research UK has released a new skill for Amazon's Alexa. It's designed to let people track how much alcohol they've been drinking, as well as raise awareness of the links between alcohol consumption and cancer.

It's been made in conjunction with My Alcohol Tracker, and a bunch of different things to help you keep tabs on your weekly booze intake. You can set up a personal weekly consumption goal and every time you have a drink you simply tell Alexa and she'll add it to your weekly total.

If you go over that goal she'll say something, with the disappointed voice she uses for everything. But if you are doing well, Alexa will offer some encouragement to try and get you to keep up the good work.

The skill also offers tips on how to cut down on the booze, and lets you know how many calories your weekly consumption is worth (in relation to doughnuts).

According to Cancer Research UK alcohol consumption can increase the risk of seven different cancers, including breast, mouth and bowel. Because awareness of this is so low, the skill is designed to make people realise a link between the two and potentially alter their lifestyle as a result.

You can get the skill from the Alexa store, or by asking Alexa to enable it with the command “Alexa, enable the My Alcohol Tracker Skill.”

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