Amazon's Black Friday Sales Push Jeff Bezos' Net Worth to Over $100 Billion

By Dave Meikleham on at

Jeff Bezos is a rather wealthy individual. He's the CEO of a little website called Amazon. Wait, you've heard of it? Cute! Anyhoo, said site has been doing rather well this year, so much so, Bezos' net worth just tipped past $100 billion (which is something like £749 million). This is what that number looks like fully typed out... $100,000,000, 000.


Image: Fortune

This week's Black Friday sales helped give Bezos' infinitely deep change purse a nice boost, with Business Insider speculating around half of all online Black Friday transactions were carried out on Amazon.

Bloomberg has been tracking the numbers of the 53-year-old CEO's vast wealth for a while now, noting Bezos is the first billionaire to hit a 12-figure net worth since some dude called Bill Gates.

According to Bloomberg, Bezos' fortune is now up to $100.3 billion, with Amazon enjoying a 2 per cent bump in its share price as a result of Black Friday sales. In a report by Adobe Analytics, it's stated the site's Black Friday sales are up 18.4 per cent over last year. Impressive numbers, no?

Bezos is currently number one on Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, with poor old, cash-strapped Mr Gates trailing him by around $11 billion.

Any chance of a lend of a tenner, Jeff?

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