Amazon's Brought Smile to the UK, Letting You Donate to Charity When You Buy

By Tom Pritchard on at

Four years ago Amazon launched a new feature called Smile. Its basically functioned like an affiliate programme, but instead of giving money to a person or business it donated a portion of that money to charity. Now the retailer has revealed that it's launching the same system right here in the UK.

Anytime you buy from a shop, the retailer will give 0.5 per cent of the net spend to the charity in question. In the states this managed to generate $62 million for over 262,000 charities. It sounds like a popular way of giving to charity, because you're giving to charity without, you know, actually giving them any of your money. Not really.

Net spend is important, though, because that 0.5 per cent doesn't include the money spent on VAT, shipping, or anything you end up returning. So bear that in mind.

At launch Smile will let people buy-and-donate to Cancer Research UK, The British Red Cross, Royal British Legion, Magic Breakfast, Marie Curie, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, RSPCA, Save the Children, Scottish Women's Aid, and Stonewall. Amazon has promised that it will roll out the services to all registered charities, no matter how big or small, early next year.

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