Amazon's New London Pop-Up Lets You Check Out Black Friday Deals in a Real Shop

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday is a bizarre tradition that embraces America's love of a bargain and combines it with the country's intense need to punch a toddler in the face. Shockingly that translates quite well over here as well. The internet has made it very easy to get your hands on a bargain (if you're fast enough), but now Amazon is bringing it full circle with a new Black Friday pop-up store in London.

The 'Home of Black Friday' event will be at 13 Soho Square in London (near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station). It opens today at 12.30 and will run until 7.30 pm on Friday (24th). Inside will be over 100 different Black Friday deals spread across five different themed rooms, plus giveaways, games, and workshops hosted by people who got famous for being on YouTube and social media.

But this isn't just a display of all the cool things Amazon thinks you'll want to buy. Each display will have a 'scan and buy' function that lets you order it through the Amazon app. There will also be people there trying to flog Prime Now delivery, if you live in an area that actually lets you take advantage of the speedy (and expensive) two hour delivery.

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