Argos is Starting Black Friday Three Hours Early

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone has a Black Friday sale now. I bet there are corner shops around the country with some sort of deal ready to go when they open their doors tomorrow morning. Everyone wants you to get your bargains there, and not with the competitors. So, with that in mind, Argos has revealed that its Black Friday sales will start three hours early.

Black Friday isn't really a day anymore, since there are pre-deals that start going live as early as a week beforehand. But the best stuff is usually reserved for the big day itself, and what Argos is doing means it has the jump on everyone else by letting you all shop at 9pm this evening.

Argos is also trying to help decrease the "stress factor" associated with high-stakes shopping. So it'll have an exclusive video channel on its website featuring the antics of kittens, because the internet loves kittens. That'll also go live at 9pm tonight, and will run for the remainder of the Black Friday shopping period - currently set to finish on 28th November (next Tuesday). All you need to do is click a button on the homepage for a fuzzy viewing experience designed to help you relax.

You can find all of Argos's Black Friday deals here, including some pre-deals that should still save you some money in the run up to Christmas.

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