ASDA Says it's Christmas So Here's a Roald Dahl Rip-off Advert

By Gary Cutlack on at

The twee avalanche of corporate communications designed to get you to buy your turkey from a particular supermarket is underway, with ASDA the first of the major food sellers to declare it Christmas.

The festive advert that will help define memories of Christmas for a generation is a sort of clone of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, only seeing as it's 2017 and we must be sensitive about such things Charlie is a girl now. And instead of chocolate manufacturing the advert focuses on infusing things with gin for mum and pre-roasting potatoes so dad can just put them in the oven, because it's 2017 and he'd rather be on his phone looking at adverts for mature singles in his area than peeling things.

It's a terrible and expensive mess and gets a C- on the Christmas advert acceptability scale. And it only uses a song that sounds like Christmas without actually being Christmas; Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac, a song that seems to be about wanting something to stop hurting. A feeling we can all associate with at Christmas time, even in November.

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