Avengers: Infinity War Breakdown: Everything We Spotted in the First Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today we finally got the see the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, which is due to hit cinemas next year on 27th April. It's been a long time coming, and seemed to have been delayed to avoid spoilers from the end of Thor: Ragnarok. But now it's here, and it looks amazing.

As we usually do with big trailers, we (or rather I) have run through the trailer to try and over-analyse everything and see what we can figure out about the final film. But first, here's the trailer:

The trailer kicks off with this shot of a planet with clouds. It's meant to look like an alien world thanks to the orange hue, but I'm pretty sure that it's Earth - for reasons I'll explain later.

The opener is accompanied by a voiceover from a number of MCU characters. The VO is stretched over the first 30 seconds, but here it is in it's entirety for convenience.

Nick Fury: There was an idea

Dr Strange: To bring together a group of remarkable people

Vision: To see if we could become... Something more

Thor: So when they needed us we could fight the battles

Black Widow: That they never could

It's essentially an Avengers mission statement, in case that wasn't obvious.

Here is Tony Stark, grieving and holding onto someone's hand intently. Open the image up in another tab to get a better look, because I think this is a woman's hand. Judging from Tony's reaction, I bet that this is Pepper Potts.

It could also be Peter Parker, which was something included in the SDCC footage but not here. He's a teenager, so can excuse him for having more womanly hands.

The background also looks like an alien world thanks to the Justice League-style orange hue, but I'm not convinced it is. As I said before, I'll get to that later.

Here is Bruce Banner, back on Earth and in human form after the conclusion to Ragnarok. He's causing damage again, which is what he does best.

Cut to a shot of Dr Strange and Wong looking down, seemingly at Banner. The fact that there's a Hulk-sized hole in the roof makes me think this is more than just clever editing. Presumably Hulk got back to Earth by falling, and by pure chance landed in Strange's New York Sanctum.

Strange also has one of the Infinity Stones around his neck, which means Thanos would have come calling anyway.

This is some sort of fancy house or hotel, and to the left you can see Scarlet Witch in bed. But who's the blonde guy opening the curtain?

Oh, it's Vision in human form. This was spotted on set photos, and was rumoured to involve Scarlet Witch using her powers to hide Vision (and the mind stone) from Thanos by diguising him as a human. Clearly that's not the case, since you can still see it glowing away.

Why or how he's in human form isn't clear. It could be Vision's shapeshifting abilities evolved to the point where he could mimic a proper human being, or Scarlet Witch disguised him with her powers. I bet Paul Bettany is thrilled not to have to wear the makeup for these scenes.

The classy nature of the room makes me wonder whether this is also Strange's Sanctum, in which case he could have cast a spell to make Vision appear human.

Here we have Thor from behind, in some sort of spaceship. It's clearly not the one he left Asgard on in Ragnaork since that had a giant window. It could be the Milano, crewed by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Banner still in human form, wearing clothes that belong to him and not Tony. The backdrop is clearly Wakanda, and he's there working on one of the arms from the Hulkbuster armour (last seen in Age of Ultron). As for who he's talking to, I assume Black Widow. That arm is armoured like her suit, and it's a bit too skinny to be Captain America of Black Panther.

And here we see Widow herself sporting a blonde hair do. I want to know what happened to her eyebrows, though. You can barely see them, and it feels like she's been taking style tips from Matt Smith.

Back to New York,  with a shot of the Queensborough Bridge - a link to Spider-Man and how we see him later on in the trailer. You can see Avengers Tower in the New York skyline, though it's not really Avengers Tower after being sold off in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This scene is also the start of a voiceover from Thanos:

"In time you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, then to fail all the same.

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives."

Back in the Sanctum Santorum, where Tony has joined Banner. That big hole in the stairs further reiterates that he landed there, and not somewhere else. He's also wearing clothes again, which is nice.

Spidey sense, tingling!

Peter's on a bus, clearly on the bridge and leaving New York. Obviously the spaceship in the air is what set off his spidey sense.

Here's a closer look at that ship, which has a pretty unique design. I'm not sure it's the same one we saw in the Ragnarok post credits scene, but naturally Thanos would have a lot of ships at his disposal.

The ship is hovering over New York, and seems to have some sort of anti-grav field that's sucking up debris from the ground below. Hey, Marvel? Man of Steel, Fantastic Four, and Big Hero Six called. They want their cliché back. At least there's no blue portal this time.

Tony, Strange, Wong, and Banner are on the streets, clearly near the hovering ship. Cue the dramatic glasses removal Robert Downey Jr has been doing for a good few years now.

Some chaos, possible dead bodies, and a lot of damage. This looks like the aftermath of Thanos coming across the Asgardian ship.

Because those feet belong to Loki, who looks pretty scared. He's handing over the tesseract/space stone, which he stole from Odin's vault before the destruction of Asgard.

This scene is clearly the direct aftermath of Ragnarok's post-credits scene, which featured Thanos's ship coming across the Asgardian refugees.

Here we have our first look at Thanos since the first GotG movie, without all his fancy ornate armour. I'm not impressed with this shot, since the effects look pretty poor. Thankfully they improve later on in the trailer.

This is a couple of seconds before that, showing Thanos arriving on a pretty damaged part of what I assume is New York. He's using a portal similar to the one featured in the first Avengers movie, which means he has the space stone and is using its ability to travel the universe and get where he needs to be.

And here we have Spider-man kitted up in the Iron Spider armour teased at the end of Homecoming. He's on the alien ring ship, clearly investigating.

Another good view of the suit, and while it looks a bit shiny and video gamey, it does show off the armour quite well. Particularly those glowing eyes which are similar to the ones Spidey had in the comics when he was a billionaire business genius.

I have no clue what this contraption is, or even where it is. But judging by the next shot I would guess that it's inside a very large ship.

See the background is full of what looks like machinery, so this isn't out in the depths of space. What Thor is doing isn't clear, but it's probably him trying to activate or deactivate something important.

Note that Thor still has his eyepatch.

This is one of the members of the Black Order, Thanos's elite group of soldiers. It's rumoured that they're actually Thanos's adopted children in the MCU, since Nebula mentioned she and Gamora had more 'siblings' in GotG Vol 2.

We only get brief shots of this character, but it seems to be Proxima Midnight. This character is clearly a woman (the rest of the Order are men), fights with the same spear as the character from the comics, and frankly doesn't look much like anyone else from the concept art poster released at SDCC.

She's firing that spear at this silhouette, but who is it? My first guess was Black Panther but I was wrong.

Whoever this badass is, they can dodge the spear and easily catch it in midair.

Here's a good shot of T'Challa out of his Panther suit, in the regal kingly gear. The past few scenes (Spidey, Thor, Proxima) have featured his voiceover, saying:

"Evacuate the city, engage all defences, and get this man a shield."

What man?

Oh! It's Captain Beards Eye!

Now that background is the same as the one in the Proxima Midnight shot, meaning she was throwing it at Captain America. That scene was also set in an American-looking urban environment, which means it's likely not in Wakanda - the last place we saw Cap.

Cap's apparently been on the run since the end of Civil War which explains why he might be sporting a beard and why he was hiding in the shadows.

Scarlet Witch again, sporting more gingery hair than before, and while this still makes her look upset she's actually relieved. I have a feeling this might be tied into the Cap scene, possible relating to something that happens to Vision later on in the trailer.

And here we have an upgraded Hulkbuster in Wakanda. If you need something this powerful to fight the Hulk, it's always a good idea to bring it out for an alien invasion.

The suit has definitely had some changes to Age of Ultron, aside from the fact we saw Banner working on it. The rectangular arc reactor on the front gives it away the most. I wonder what extra weaponry it'll have inside?

Black Widow is stabbing someone, presumably a Black Order member based on the armour, with their own weapon. It's not clear who is it, but the spear-shape we can see means it's likely Proxima Midnight or Corvus Glaive. We'll see him later.

Another shot of Dr Strange in the streets, all magicked up and still sporting the Infinity Stone necklace.

These things are presumably dropships of some kind, delivering Thanos's alien army in a more permanent way than the Chitauri portal from The Avengers.

As you can see there appear to quite a few of them, and this scenery matches up with the rest of Wakanda.

Here we have a better look at Cap, wearing what seems to be a very ragged version of his Civil War costume. Note that the white star has been removed, presumably for reasons of hiding. While we don't see it, I assume he did the same with the red, white, and blue motif over his stomach.

Behind him you can see Florence Kasumba as Ayo, the head of T'Challa's elite all-female security force the Dora Milaje. She was also in Civil War acting as his bodyguard in Geneva.

Here is Black Panther in his upgraded suit, which we should see in is own movie come February. He's fighting one of the many, four-armed aliens.

I honestly have no clue which species this is, though. It could be completely original, or a radical redesign of an existing Marvel race - much like the Chitauri.

And here we have Thanos slamming Spider-Man into the ground. Spidey was string enough to push a collapsed building off himself, but he can't fight Thanos. Shit just got real.

Here's Tony again, presumably in the same scene from the very start of the trailer.

And here is what I meant with Vision. He's being attacked by Corvus Glaive, the leader of Thanos's Black Order in the comics. Judging from the other spear Proxima Midnight (who is supposed to be his wife) is with him.

My guess is that they assault Vision to get the Mind Stone while Scarlet Witch is there, and Cap comes to their aid - leading to him catching Proxima's spear earlier in the trailer.

Vision is clearly in pain as Corvus tries to remove the Mind Stone. What would happen if he did, though? The Mind Stone helped bring Vision to life, but is it the only thing keeping him the way he is? Will he still be a sentient being without it?

This is Thanos adding the space stone to the Infinity Gauntlet, presumably just after retrieving it from Loki. Note the purple Power stone is the only other one there, indicating that Thanos has been to Xandar to retrieve it from the Nova Corps.

You can see that the stone is pulled into place by the gauntlet, showing that they are supposed to be together. I wonder if they have their own set places, though?

As you can see in this concept art, the power and space stones are both in the same place in the trailer and this concept art poster from SDCC. That may be the order they're retrieved in, or they might have pre-set places on the gauntlet. In any case, how does the Mind Stone suddenly get bigger?

"Fun isn't something one consider when balancing the universe... But this does put a smile on my face."

Thanos clearly thinks he's doing something noble by collecting the Infinity Stones, rather that trying to appease the personification of Death like he was in the comics. I can only assume that this is during a fight with either Iron Man or Spider-Man. Probably Iron Man, based on the background colour.

Thanos also looks a lot better here than he did when he arrived on Earth.

And here we have a good look at Iron Man's newest suit, and judging from the setting this is during his fight with Thanos.

And here we can see that Thanos only has two Infinity Stones. That means he hasn't been to Knowhere to claim the Reality Stone (red) from The Collector. Benecio Del Toro is confirmed to be in this film at some point, however.

This scene is a big fight between Thanos and Iron Man, obviously, but that background looks pretty similar to the one at the start of the trailer where Tony is very upset. I could be wrong, but I think this is the same place, just at different points in time. Judging from the blueness still in a bit of the sky this is still Earth, and this is before that unidentified person (probably Pepper or Peter) gets injured and/or killed.

This shot also looks like the place Thanos exits the portal earlier in the trailer.

A lot of the big fights seem to be taking place in Wakanda, so we're going to see a lot of the Wakandan military in action. Would you want to go up against trained warriors with weapons made from the strongest metal and backed up by the Earth's most advanced technology? Even without the Winter Soldier on their side, these guys are bound to be a force to be reckoned with.

And here we have T'Challa, unmasked but in his Panther suit. No clue where this scene is, possibly just prior to the battle. Note that he's clearly standing next to Black Widow.

And here we have T'Challa in front of more soldiers, brandishing his claws. These two scenes probably don't link, seeing as how Black Widow isn't next to him anymore. You can see Cap and Bucky to his left, though, as well as Winston Duke's M'Baku (a villain in the Black Panther movie) to his right. Ayo is right behind him, though you can't see her face.

Well this scene is a serious Where's Wally of superheros. Who can you see? The Hulkbuster and Falcon are obvious, but who else is there?

A slightly closer look. Leave a comment if you spot someone.

And here is Thanos's alien army. There are a lot of them.

Seemingly charging towards the Wakandan army. Note T'Challa is leading by example at the very front of the fray.

Another shot of the heroes, whether or not it's the same isn't clear. The Wakandans seem to be going in the same direction, though, since the city is behind them. This is also the first and only time we see Hulk and War Machine in the trailer, as well as a nice close look at Black Panther's suit.

"Who the hell are you guys?"

They're the Guardians of the frickin Galaxy.

According to the SDCC footage this is the start of the film, following a shot of Thor hitting the Milano's windscreen as they investigate some sort of debris field. Presumably that debris will have something to do with Thanos attacking the Asgardian ship.

As you can also see Groot is a teenager (as seen in the Vol 2 post credits scene), and Thor hasn't magically grown a new eye or hair.

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