BA Promises Better Wi-Fi and Charging Points to Encourage People to Leave the House/Country

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Airways has identified a problem with modern people, in that they don't like sitting somewhere for ages that hasn't got decent internet or a thing to charge their stuff. Hence its boss has promised to upgrade the flier's entire fleet with better Wi-Fi and near-seat charging points for everyone. Phew.

This is coming as part of a £4.5bn investment programme that also sees the company spending really quite big on 72 new aircraft, with other chunks of the money going into refurbishing 128 existing planes and somehow "improving" the food options for cheap seat passengers on long haul flights by giving them a second meal. As if anyone will care about food if there's internet and electricity.

BA boss Alex Cruz was speaking at the World Travel Market event in London, where he said: "We want to be the airline of choice for everyone. Every customer matters -- short-haul or long-haul, economy or premium -- so we must have an offer that is attractive to everyone." [Telegraph]

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