BBC iPlayer is Adding TV Box Sets For You to Binge Over Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

You pay your TV license, so obviously you want to get the most out of your £147 a year. That's probably part of the reason why the BBC is adding a bunch of TV box sets to iPlayer this Christmas, letting you binge watch through a selection of BBC shows you wouldn't be able to normally watch.

From December 16th you'll be able to watch every single episode of Doctor Who since its 2005 relaunch, all four series of Line of Duty, the original Blue Planet, Planet Earth I and II, The Frozen Planet, both series of Happy Valley, the third and fourth series of Sherlock, various comedy series, Peaky Blinders, Taboo, Wolf Hall, and five classic Christmas episodes from the many years Eastenders has been on the air.

And that's just a taste of all the shows that the BBC will be making available.

Some of those series are already available on other services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but having them on iPlayer is nice because you don't have to pay to access them. Well you should have paid your TV licence, but it's not like the iPlayer website checks when you log in.

Hopefully all of these things will stick around after the Christmas period so people can continue watching them after they've gone back to work and aren't forced to socialise with their family any more. At the very least it means you can continue watching something good when there's something rubbish on TV. Like Songs of Praise or Fantastic Four.

You can see a full list of the boxsets coming to iPlayer at the source link. [BBC via Metro]

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