Bear Grylls Theme Park Clashes With HS2

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, there really is a theme park being built based around Bear Grylls, in which attendees get to pay probably loads of money to have extreme outdoors adventures in a safe, captive environment, with a cafe for afterwards and t-shirts and knives and fire-starting kits for sale in the shop. It's being built by Alton Towers owner Merlin, but that's not why we've gathered you here around these screens.

We're here to talk about how plans for this bonkers Bear Grylls live-in universe are being put under pressure by other plans for something big and expensive and impossible to comprehend — HS2. The current route for the proposed high-speed rail line cuts through zones set aside for Bear Grylls Land outside Birmingham's NEC, where the train line could disrupt Bear's plans for zips wires for bonding businessmen.

The backers of the £20m Bear Grylls Adventure site say there may have to be some tweaks to the layout of the park as a result of future HS2 works, but that the 2018 opening of the park remains on track. [The Times]

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By Andrew Liszewski on 29 Nov 2016 at 7:00AM