Birds Eye Had to Recall Chicken Pies Because They Were Made of Beef

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well here is an embarrassing incident for Birds Eye, it's had to recall a number of its chicken pies. Why? Because someone accidentally put steak pies in the boxes. No it's not April.

While the main reason for the recall is obvious (chicken and beef are not the same thing), there's also a danger of allergic reaction because the steak pies contain mustard. The chicken pies do not.

Birds Eye won't reveal the exact number of pies that have been affected by the mix up, but claims only a small number contain bits of the wrong animal inside. If you need to check the ones you bought you can always just open them up to have a look, or take the slightly less messy option and check the barcodes. Apparently affected pies have the barcodes L7301MRN52, L7301ARN52, and L7301NRN52. They also all have a best before date of March 2019.

No other pies are affected, and all the other allergens are reportedly labelled. If you do have some of the affected pies, you can take them back to the place you bought them from for a full refund or send the batch code on packaging to: Birds Eye Limited Freepost, ADM3939, London SW1A 1YS.

 Unless you like steak pies, and are not allergic to mustard. In which case, you could just east them. [Gazette Live]

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