Blippar's Latest App Will Let You Navigate the World With Augmented Reality

By Tom Pritchard on at

Maps are great. GPS is better. A smartphone's mapping app combines the best of them both, but couldn't there be an improvement? Blippar thinks so, and is using augmented reality to make navigation easier than ever before. All thanks to its new AR City App

It's a pretty simple concept: you hold up your phone to let it see the world around you and it adds map details onto the real world. No need to wonder if you missed your turn or not, because you'll be able to see it right in front of you - and hope nobody thinks you're being a pervert in the process.

There are three key features included in AR City, which are the self-explanatory basic navigation, enhanced map content (for basic information like street names and points of interest), and urban visual positioning which is described as recognition, positioning, and directional information via computer vision. Basically that means it'll offer more accurate position than GPS.

That last one is only going to be available in Central London (zones 1 & 2), San Francisco, and Google's home city of Mountain View to begin with. Basic Navigation is supported by Apple Maps, however, so that'll be available wherever Apple's mapping service is available. Enhanced map content, on the other hand, will be available in over 300 major cities across the world. So really there's something pretty much everyone.

The beta version of AR City will arrive in the iOS app store later today, compatible with the iPhone 6S and above.

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