Board Games Strike Back as Parents Feel Guilt Over Screen Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

The family board game is expected to make a comeback this Christmas, as parents ironically and perhaps even seriously buy them to try to bring the family together to argue over the rules as one pretending-to-be-happy unit.

That's according to the Toy Retailers Association, anyway, which says it's seen a 30 per cent rise in board game sales of late, which it's putting down to boredom of and frustration with kids spending so much time snorting at shit YouTube videos.

These parents obviously haven't played Monopoly recently, as after three hours of grim stalemate they'll be desperate to put the children safely back in front of their devices and put the capitalist training sim somewhere very high up and out of view.

Argos buyer Lindsey Walker hasn't tried playing a board game with a seven year old recently either, or if she has she's blocked it out, as she said: "Board games have seen a big increase in popularity this year and are expected to be popular this Christmas because they are a great way of bringing families together."

Until your little boy starts crying because he landed on your hotel and everyone just wants to give up and sit in bed on their telephones for the rest of the day, even though it's only 7.30pm. [Telegraph]

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