Britain Does What Britain Does Best, By Forming Orderly Black Friday Queues

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you look at Black Friday footage on the news, particularly in America, you'll likely see shots of people literally fighting each other for the opportunity to spend money on stuff. This year you'll be glad to hear that people are being civilised - by forming an orderly queue and patiently waiting their turn for a bargain.

Metro has pictures of one Tesco branch in Stockport where people seemed quite content in standing in a queue and waiting - seemingly not caring about whether or not someone else would snatch the deal away from them. One shopper seemingly brought a picnic with him, munching down on hot dog buns, teacakes, and lettuce while he waited to buy a TV.

Tesco in Walkden only had five people turn up to the midnight launch of Black Friday deals, and at least one Currys opened up its doors to find nobody had bothered to turn up. I bet those staff were livid they had to be at work for nothing, but also relieved that they could play on their phones instead of wrangling angry customers looking for dirt-cheap Blu-ray players.

I have no doubts that some shops were in chaos this morning, with people sticking to the American tradition of fighting toddlers over a PS4 Pro, but it's nice to see that we can be civilised about it. Black Friday might be one of the worst things the US has given back to the UK, but we can adapt it for our own sensibilities. Or we can stop going to actual shops, because we know the best deals are all online anyway. [Metro]

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