Car Tax Clampings Rocket Because People Still Don't Understand

By Gary Cutlack on at

The number of people caught driving without having paid their Vehicle Excise Duty has exploded upwards, as it appears that after years of relying on a round bit of paper the transition to digital taxation has left car buyers baffled.

Around 10,000 cars are being clamped per month right now says the DVLA, with 105,878 vehicles caught without tax last year; a huge leap from the 57,254 that were rumbled in 2014, the year the car tax system went digital. As a result, the DVLA has launched a new campaign today, which it calls tax it or lose it, focusing on those who deliberately think they can not pay now it's all done invisibly on the internet.

The AA's boss Edmund King thinks there's an element of people simply not realising they need a digital license as soon as they take over ownership of a car, though, saying: "There is still some concern that, three years after the transfer of a car’s tax to a new keeper was banned, people buying cars privately or switching ownership within family still don’t understand that they need to re-tax the vehicle in the new owner’s name before they can drive it on the road." [DVLA via The Times]

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