Charlie Brooker Ruins Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

Charlie Brooker is well known for his work that takes a scathing view of the world, which is always appreciated because sometimes the world needs knocking down a peg or two. But Brooker has gone and done the worst possible thing imaginable for people struggling with the shitty state of the world. He's cancelled 2017 Wipe.

At least we get that, plus those new episodes of Black Mirror that aren't too far away, and presumably all the other stuff Brooker will be doing in the future. But it's not the same! We had to suffer through Donald Trump, Theresa May, another general election, and Boris Johnson this year. We really need to Wipe our fears away.

It's bad enough that the likes of Newswipe and Screenwipe have been relegated to annual specials, but now we don't even get that. As you can see I am very upset about this, but not quite as upset as my tone is letting on. I have to embrace hyperbole sometime, right?

Since Netflix and the BBC are both terrible at announcing dates for their broadcasts/releases, we don't actually know when Cunk on Britain and Black Mirror will land. We probably don't have long to wait, though, particularly since new trailers have started appearing for the upcoming dystopian series.

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