Coke Lorry Targets the Poor and Ought to be Banned by Councils, Says the Government

By Gary Cutlack on at

Coke's fun-loving habit of hijacking Christmas by driving a lorry about the country to establish lifelong brand loyalty in a new generation has come under fire, with Public Health England suggesting the company's festive truck of sugary liquid routinely heads for the poorest parts of the land in order to ensnare kids into a life of additional sugar consumption.

More councils should follow Liverpool's lead in questioning whether having a lorry load of free unhealthy shit driving about the place is a good message, with Public Health England saying: "We’re encouraging local authorities to have conversations about how marketing campaigns like this involving free sugary drinks is compatible with bringing down concerning rates of obesity and dental decay in children. The link between childhood obesity and deprivation is well established and it’s important to note the truck will be visiting some of our poorest areas."

Which is a statement surely designed to encourage council leaders to tell Coke to drive its stupid lorry off a cliff instead of raising the blood sugar levels and brand loyalty of a bunch of kids. It's the reason Santa's fat. [Public Health England via Sky News]

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