Deutsche Bahn Imagines Future Trains With Built In Gyms And Big Screen TVs

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you thing of luxurious trains in this country, you'll probably imagine something with nice chairs, a table, and free wi-fi that isn't slower than a stoned snail. In Germany things might be a bit different, because Deutsche Bahn has just announced its vision for trains with big TV screens, gym equipment, and other such luxuries.

Concept images show off a train with all sorts of thing we could never hope to get on trains in this country. Not without paying £500 for a 30 minute journey anyway. They include:

  • Dedicated workout spaces
  • Exercise bikes
  • Giant screens for watching sports and news, plus gaming.
  • Vending machines for snacks, baked goods, coffee, and soft drinks. Plus a beer (!) tap
  • Mini offices for people who want to work in a quieter environment
  • Cheap seats that look nicer than first class in this country - minus the tables
  • Relaxation spaces with noise cancelling head rests
  • Family spaces with 3-person benches and tables
  • Work benches that also function as tablet

I can't even imagine any of that getting brought in here. Maybe the family seats, but everything else would be wasted. Someone would break something, or spill beer on the TV and putting it out of action for three years. Plus there's that whole price issue. Deutsche Bahn is owned by the German government, so they can subsidise this sort of luxury. Deutsche Bahn also owns Arriva, so they can funnel off the profits from our overpriced rail system and use them to make things nice for their passengers back home.

I bet the German trains don't smell like piss, either. [Deutsche Bahn]

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