Doctor Who Nerd Sacked for Sweary Hidden Message in BBC Magazine

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man tired of doing his seemingly easy and enjoyable day job has performed the classic old trick of spelling out a rude message with the first letter of each sentence, managing to beam out the unauthorised advertorial "Panini and BBC Worldwide Are C*nts" in the current edition of the BBC's Doctor Who Magazine.

Reports in the Mirror say that the sweary message to no one in particular was written under the name The Watcher by author and actor Nicholas Pegg, who has in the past worked as a dalek operator for the TV show and, presumably, would like to spend a bit more time at home with the family and his collection of merchandise, as Panini is the publisher of the magazine he was working for and the BBC is, well, the BBC.

Someone on Twitter has posted a photo of the lengthy article, where you can see the P and the A beginning to give the message form, as it slowly materialises on the page, sentence by sentence. It's quite a good piece of work, as making your sentences to do that while still getting your point across is quite tough.

Especially in a print magazine, where people are paid to check such things.

He has allegedly been sacked.

On IMDB, Pegg is listed as having written for several Who spin-offs.

Legally, there's nothing wrong with doing it, although morally it's not a great idea given Who's popularity with young people.

Episode one of season 11 of the rebooted show is scheduled to be shown on Christmas Day. [MSN]

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